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Vic entered the Labour Law arena during the early ’80s under the guidance of Adv. Gey van Pittius and has ever since been involved with the practicalities of Human Resources and Industrial Relations with an emphasis on Labour Law at shop floor level for the past 37 years. 

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Service Contracts

Service contracts are contracts between a consumer or client and the person or firm that will provide the services. A Service Contract, for example, could be used to outline a work agreement between a employer and employee.

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Safety Files

Safety Files in digital format to make work on sites and in the workshop easy. Safety made easy. Taking out the headache in safety implementation.

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Wage / Union Negotiations

Trade unions are responsible for negotiating and bargaining with employers on behalf of their members (employees). Wages, hiring and firing standards, complaint procedures, and employee perks are all possible topics for bargaining and talks.


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Unfair Dismissals

In labour law, unfair dismissal is an act of employment termination made without good reason or contrary to the country’s specific legislation.

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Sexual Harassment

If giving sexual favors becomes a requirement of employment, or refusing to do so has an impact on employment decisions, or if it unfairly impairs workers’ performance or creates a hostile environment, sexual harassment is relevant in the workplace.”

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Victimization/ Intimidation

Whatever form it takes, victimization is unacceptable and is a violation of the employee’s human rights. Moreover, it is a violation of the employee’s right to be treated with dignity and respect