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About us

Vic entered the Labour Law arena during the early 80’s under the guidance of Adv. Gey van Pittius and has ever since been involved with the practicalities of Human Resources and Industrial Relations with an emphasis on Labour Law at shop floor level for the past 37 years. The Corporate Industry formed a great part of his career as he was actively involved with amongst others:

As entrepreneur Vic was the founder member of various Labour Law Consultancies active in the Northwest Province and more recently country wide rendering a service on a retainer basis to approximately twelve different organizations ranging from food and beverage, clothing and textile, road freight to the mining and beneficiation industry. Vic is fluent in the African languages which allows for a competitive advantage when involved in various forms of negotiations. Training conducted in an African language has huge advantages for students as it is done in their mother tongue and allows for easy understanding

Legal advisor is explaining the offense under the law in the book at office.

The facilitation of disciplinary hearings in the workplace as Chairman, combined with the representation of employers at CCMA proceedings as a member of an Employers Representative Organization forms a large part of Vic’s daily activities. Drafting of various policies and procedures furthermore forms part of Vic accoutrement as unique cultures in organisations are created and formed within a working environment. Vic’s passion is the interaction with individuals (one on one or in a group format) with an emphasis on changing bad behavioral patterns to that of progression towards being positive in life’s lookout.

Vic has an in-depth knowledge of the African culture which allows for easy integration in the
workplace between cultural groupings.

Why choose us

As a Professional Labour Law Corporation, we take pride in providing professional and strategic advocacy to our clients across a wide range of practice areas. Our team is knowledgeable and trustworthy, with a track record of providing effective and nuanced representation as well as sound advice. We look after our customers and prioritize them. We focus on any issues that may occur as a result of business outsourcing and insourcing, company sale and acquisition, company restructuring, Department of Labour Compliance Orders, dismissals, retrenchments, discrimination claims, trade restraints, collective bargaining issues, and strike action. At the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, and the Labour Court, we can also represent employers and senior-level employees. 


To become the region’s leading labour administrator. Our goal is to gradually improve the well-being of our employees while promoting workplace safety and health.


To improve and safeguard employers’ rights and benefits in an equitable way, and to promote harmonious labour relations through the promotion of good employment practices and the resolution of labour disputes.

Core Values

Accessibility, client happiness, diversity, integrity, professional excellence, and partnership are some of our Core Values that we use to improve the way we do business and serve employees and employers.